On an area of 120 m2 you can visit our new showroom in Teplice, where we want to show you the materials that, thanks to our practice, we consider to be the ones that must not be missing in our joint realizations.
In order to ensure that we have enough time to attend to all your specific needs, please call 607 686 279 in advance. A visit to our showroom is not possible without an appointment.
Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to your visit.
Our showroom is not just an ordinary kitchen studio filled with endless rows of kitchens, handles, and appliances. We're different. We work with our clients to create 3D projects that showcase your future reality. We see our role as guiding the selection of materials for your interiors. This is where our passion lies, and this is where we want to convince our clients that this is the right way forward.
In our showroom, you'll discover the comprehensive collection from the premium board materials manufacturer, EGGER. This collection encompasses uniform colours, woodgrains, and exclusive materials like PERFECT SENSE. Additionally, we offer a vast selection of worktops, both in laminate and compact options, available in the dimensions of 700 x 500mm. This size is pivotal when considering which colours and decors to combine, ensuring you craft the ideal aesthetic for your interior.
In our designs, we emphasize the use of natural materials. This is showcased in our exclusive "NAVO collection", which encompasses various qualities of oak, ash, walnut, and other natural materials. These come in a range of finishes, from varnishes and oils to stains. Witness how this authentic material palette can truly enrich your interiors, bringing them a genuine touch of natural beauty.
The next point is the range of worktop options for your interiors - from natural materials such as granite to modern ones like TECHNISTONE, or countertops from renowned manufacturers HANEX and CORIAN. Compact worktops are also highly popular. Together, we'll find the perfect choice for your space.
Thanks to our in-house paint shop, we have a wide range of painted boards in a variety of shades and finishes, including deep matt or high gloss.
In addition, we can also carry out projects using solid materials such as oak and offer oak doors with different finishes. We want to show you the wide range of possibilities that solid materials offer.
Thanks to years of experience, we know that interiors are about emotions. We offer you the opportunity to build a real 1:1 scale kitchen design in our showroom. We have enough mobile modules to allow you to stand in your new kitchen in minutes. This gives you the unique opportunity to really visualise it and experience it for yourself.